Always expect the unexpected.

It was the middle of Lockdown Stage 4 in South Africa. The world was directionless and uncertain but it felt like we knew what direction we wanted to go in more than ever before; wherever the road takes us. That’s not really a direction but we knew we couldn’t sit and wait anymore – we had to start doing.

There’s a saying that says “If you don’t work on your own dreams, you will be hired to work on someone else’s” – it was time to start putting our building plans in place. We started planning – the more dreamy the better. Eventually we had a plan but we needed a new car… so we started looking at the various options available – and there is was – our dream car, with all the accessories we could hope for, at a price we could afford!

Three days later Egan went to see the car, phoned up all our friends who are long-time Landy owners and within a few hours it was a done deal – we had bought our dream car! Now we can definitely travel in any direction; wherever the road takes us.

Introducing Winston, our Land Rover Defender. To say we’re in love would be an understatement.

“Our love is like a Land Rover, it may rattle and creek but it will take us anywhere.”

We spent the first weekend giving him a deep scrub. We lifted every cover we could, we cleaned until the ten years of dust, sand and dog hair from the previous owners was gone. We scrubbed until our hands were battered and bruised. We worked hard to make him sparkle and shine, but that’s probably the last time he will shine – he is a Landy after all!

We are so proud of our new adventure partner, we are excited to see how far we will go and we know we will find the right direction because, well, we can go anywhere!

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