Camping – the carefree holiday, right? Well not for everyone!

Many find it a bit daunting to think about how to prepare for a camping trip, you need to remember everything for cooking, your tent, your bed, your clothes, basically everything including the kitchen sink!

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We constantly have these little pieces of paper that accumulate leading up to our camping trips that consist of all those random things we remember we need to pack during the day or just before we fall asleep. We decided to make our lives a lot easier, and hopefully yours too, and put everything on one list!

Our most recommended item for organising, packing and planning are the Outdoor Warehouse Ammo Boxes! These sturdy, packable, stackable boxes make packing your utensils, crockery, food, clothes, linen and everything in between super easy! They ensure the car can be packed neatly and most efficiently (They can even be strapped to the roof rack!). We love the versatility of these boxes, they carry whatever they need to and when we’re home, we use them for storing all our camping gear.

The top three camping essentials according to our followers on Instagram are:

  • Coffee
  • Tent and Extra Tent Pegs
  • A jacket

Do you agree? Let us know on Instagram or in the comments below!

Our beloved tent is the Front Runner Rooftop Tent. It has ample space for the two of us, nifty safety pockets and take a couple of minutes to put up. The tent’s air vents provide a great breeze during the hot nights and it withstood a large about of strong winds without causing us any concern. We haven’t had rain while using this tent but are pretty sure it will only be a matter of time!

Our camping packing list in very extensive, you don’t need to pack it all! Download the list, stick on the fridge, keep it in your garage with all the camping gear but most importantly – let us know when you use it by tagging us on Instagram!

Let us know if there is anything you would add to the Ultimate Camping List and we may even update it with your addition!

Happy Camping!

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