I drove a game vehicle for the first time before I could see over the bonnet, I was 9 years old.

I have grown up between the city and the bushveld, always feeling more at home between Mopani Trees than in traffic streams. I am excited to work with others who share my passion for the African Safari Experience.

I grew up being taught that photography was not just a hobby but a way of viewing the world – acknowledging the smallest details, the way light falls and the need to capture moments as they become memories.

Using digital media to tell stories, create connections and to draw people to the African Bushveld is a passion point that I look forward to working on everyday.

  • Provide accurate, actionable feedback to staff who want to be recognised for offering next-level safari experiences.
  • Developing the game drive experience to be immersive, full of learning and making memories.
  • Assisting lodges in creating innovative imagery for social media and marketing purposes.

Products Offered

Guest Experience Consulting

With increasing amount of focus being placed on the experience of guests of all kinds, this service aims to evaluate the well-developed strengths and growth areas of the guide with specific focus on:

Enhancing the Safari Experience:

  • Developing a story
  • Forming real connections with guests
  • Providing insight into animals, birds, plants and insects in a fun, engaging way

Catering for Photographers:

  • Understanding a photographer’s needs
  • Identifying ways to cater for those needs throughout the guest’s experience

Guest experience consulting aims to work directly with guides to develop an immersive experience to be enjoyed, remembered and recommended by all their guests.

Creative Media Consulting

Creating meaningful connections through digital images can assist lodges in reaching new guests, increasing their social media presence and provide photographs to guests that capture their African Safari Experience.

In a world where anyone with a smartphone can be a photographer, this service focuses on providing training to the relevant lodge staff on: the basics of photography, generating content for social media, using and managing various social media platforms, identifying ways to encourage guests to generate content and post about their experience at the lodge.

Content Creation

Let us showcase your natural spaces, immersive safari experiences, and their fundamental connection to mankind. Using photographs we capture during our stay, your marketing team can share your story, increase your online presence and form real connections with your target audience.

Previous Content Creation location-specifc partners include Nata Lodge (Nata, Botswana), Moditlo River Lodge (Limpopo, South Africa), Rosendal Country Retreat (Free State, South Africa) and Syringa Sands (Waterberg, South Africa). Previous Content Creation product-specifc partners include Granadilla Swim, Mama Alles, Pizza Braai and many others.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing more about out niche service, focused on creating the perfect immersive experiences and nature-centric digital media.