Pizza in minutes. Anywhere.

A conversation-starter at any campsite, a versatile, durable and easy to use pizza oven. The Pizza Braai started as an idea in 2012, after various attempts and prototypes, it became the Pizza Braai it is today in 2020. A Proudly South African product allowing us all to enjoy delicious pizzas at home or on holiday – anywhere really. 

We first used our Pizza Braai in April 2021 on a family trip to the bush. It was the easiest, tastiest and quickest pizza-making we’ve ever experienced. Everyone enjoyed their lunch so much, we couldn’t get the pizzas out the oven fast enough – really the only downfall with the product is only making one pizza at a time. But let’s be honest – it’s still faster than braai-ing enough meat for seven people!

The Pizza Braai is made of heat resistant steel with a rust preventing coating. The iconic faceplate and the functional pizza spade are made of stainless steel. The creators have thought through every detail and by including adjustable front legs, they allow an even cooking surface no matter where you are. The braai is very easy to clean and take care of. 

Cooking with the Pizza Braai is simple and you can be very creative with your ideas. The pizzas take a few minutes to cook – we use leftover braai meat as toppings which even makes the prep time super quick. The greatest part is that the pizzas are always cooked through and they have that wood-fire taste. You can also use your Pizza Braai to make s’mores, baked vegetables, bread or try almost anything else. 

Buying a Pizza Braai is not just an online purchase, you become part of a community filled with people sharing ideas, recipes and adventures featuring their Pizza Braai’s. Have a look at their website to join the Pizza Braai community and to find various recipes to try out with your new Pizza Braai.


Weight and Dimensions:

  • 42cm x 37cm x 15 cm
  • 17,8 kg

Additional Features:

  • Stainless Steel Pizza Spade
  • Adjustable Front Legs

Where to buy:

Online Pizza Braai Shop

We really enjoy using our Pizza Braai and hope you will too. As the guys at Pizza Braai say, “If you can make a fire, you can make pizza.”

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