Something a little different, an ode to one of the most beautiful campsites we have ever stayed at.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it at 4:50am being fully absorbed by the break of day.

The smell of gas fills the air

A cold breeze sends shivers down your spine

The sound of boiling water leaves you in anticipation

There are pink clouds and orange ones and hues of blue you can’t describe

In the distance a form begins to emerge out of the darkness

The Guinea fowl sound the alarm to start a new day

The sunbirds flit with the agility pilots could only dream of

The effortful flaps of the spur-wing geese audible in the quiet air

A mongoose investigates the old braai coals, masked weavers interrogate you regarding the whereabouts of their breakfast and the colossal form of the Amphitheatre in the distance becomes clear

There’s water everywhere – it runs in torrents below, it sloshes in buckets as men collect litres for their morning routine and it tumbles down the Tugela Falls in perfect view as the sun lifts above the clouds

The kettle has boiled, the coffee has brewed, the day has begun

My soul renewed.

– Tegan 

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