Before the travel restrictions were lifted and inter-provincial travel was permitted, we explored a few local adventure spots in Gauteng – Hennops being one of them! 

Hennops Trails make for a great outing! There are four hiking trails, three mountain biking trails and one off-road trail for 4×4 enthusiasts! The hiking trails range in length from 1,5 km to 10 km. We chose the 5km hike (Zebra Trail), it made for a great morning outdoors and here are some highlights! 

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Basic hiking rules: Make sure to pack a hat and carry water for the day! Although the initial part of the trail is in the shade near the Hennops River, it quickly becomes full sun with little shade as the trail goes on.

At the start of the hike you can chose the cross the Hennops River in a manual cable-car or by hopping across some stepping stones. We did both and the cable-car was good fun, just be sure to hold onto the right piece of rope otherwise you’ll slide back to the side you just came from!

The Cable-car

As you cross the river at the stepping stones, you can walk up the side of the river’s embankment to a collection of caves. They are super cool to look at but far less great smelling due to the dassie population living inside. While you marvel at the caves look on top of the rockery for some sun-bathing dassies.

The hike itself is quite easy and reaches an elevation of 110m. The view from the top is really great and being in nature on foot is always a pleasure. There is a variety of game and bird life around the hiking trail and we saw Zebra, Zonkies, Gnu and abundant bird life!

The trail took around 2 hours and we took our time along the way. We would recommend this great day outing to anyone in the Joburg area! The easier hikes allow families to introduce their children to hikes and the longest trail can serve as a challenge for the more trail-worn hikers.

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